Quality Hardwood Ash

Hey all, just a quick note from Mr. Dirtfarmer.  Wanted to share some information about my ash producer. He burns oak and cherry hard wood in a cast iron box at medium heat to get the finest ash I've seen around.

The consistency of the ash is perfect for ceramic ash glaze. Some of my customers have said it worked perfectly in their kiln. The best size for this use is the 1lb bag or 2lb if your kiln will be full of gear.

Another common use is for a chicken dust bath. This keeps the birds free of external parasites. The best size for this use is the 5lb or 10 lb bags.

Of course as a soil amendment ash is excellent and you don't need much. I use it as a compost boost - the earthworms are abundant when I add it. The best size for this use is the 1lb or 2lb bag.

What do you use your ash for?

Get back to the dirt.

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