About Mr. Dirtfarmer


Hello, my mother raised my brother and me with two green thumbs.  After spending 20 years in the military and 12 years overseas in 30 different countries, I came back home with some interesting ideas and processes for working the soil; specifically I learned about hardwood ashes and what they can do for gardeners and hobbyists. I noticed the kind of ash I needed (sifted like clean flour) was not available anywhere - so I made my own. Now you can enjoy Mr. Dirtfarmer's Hardwood Ash for your garden, compost, ceramics, aquaponics system, or special projects.

How did I come up with the idea to sell ash?
We needed an well-filtered ash for gardening and for local urban farming applications, so we set out to make a product that was simply not available anywhere else. Our mission is to get urban and rural gardeners "Back to the Dirt."

What makes Mr. Dirtfarmer's ash special?
Our ash is a high quality product that starts with sourcing local hardwood trees from North Florida and Georgia. We've invested in high-end modern sifting/sieving machines to produce an ash that is silky as bread flour. A familiar but entirely new product we hope you'll enjoy every time you use it.

Why buy from me? Because no one else is double fine hand sifting ashes through filters providing this exact product.

Why trust me with your hard earned cash?  Let me do the dirty work for you. Burning wood and sifting ash is a Mike Rowe "dirty job." I'll get your product professionally shipped out within 2 working days so you can get busy doing what you want to do.

Am I an ash expert? Well, I've handled several tons of ash at this point and can now tell ash quality by sight, touch and texture; so yeah, I'm an expert.

What has been the best part of my startup experience?
I love hearing about customer experiences, great gardening experiences and new uses for our ash and flat trowels.

Story Behind the "Flat Trowel" 
In the late nineties I lived and worked in Southern Italy and sometimes helped my Italian neighbors in their gardens. They used several tools that were new to me and the flat trowel was one of those tools; they plant, weed, cut, chop, seed rows, and level dirt with this tool. Before I left Italy, my landlord gave me his. I have worked closely with my manufacturer to re-create my favorite garden tool. 

My main goal is to get people connected with gardening again. I only source regional hardwood for my ashes and take pride in the finished product.

Dave aka Mr. Dirtfarmer