2018 New Product: Unfiltered Wood Ash with Biochar

biochar unfiltered ash Wood ash

Hey all you dirt farmers out there. We've a new product out for Summer 2018. Unfiltered Wood Ash with Biochar. This ash product is an unfiltered hardwood ash with nice pieces of biochar or charcoal pieces.

This product will really work well in compost piles because of its high char content, it serves as an effective odor control agent.

Also, it is great when laying up the garden for winter due to abundant levels of potassium, calcium carbonate and trace elements of iron, manganese, zinc, copper.

If you've got chickens they will love to fluff up their feathers in this ash.

It's available in 10 and 20 pound quantities, but as always, if you need a custom measure just give me a shout.

aka Mr. Dirtfarmer 

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  • Bettyann D'Amato on

    Dave, I have a 50 X 50 veg. garden. How much ash would I need to order?


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