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Scottish Groatie Buckie Northern Cowrie Shell

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  • Known throughout the British Isles as Cowrie shells (Trivia artica) these tiny lemon shaped gems are gathered from the North Scottish shores where they are known locally as Groatie Buckies
  • Many consider them lucky and they have become the design for local Scottish jewelry makers
  • A collectors favourite. One needs a keen eye to find these little gems and you can spend hours/days searching for them
  • It is said that if you put a groatie buckie in your purse it will never be empty. Used in Scotland for jewelry, crafts and wedding gifts
  • Dip them in gold for the ultimate earrings or necklace.
  • Shells are from 5-10mm in size. Individual hard found Scottish Groatie Buckie Shells. (Trivia artica)
  • These are the exact Groaties I had available on Ama__n. 

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