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Hardwood Char Charcoal Water Filter Media for Carafe/Pitcher

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  • Premium American Hardwood Charcoal is the green way to filter tap water. Mr. Dirtfarmer hand selected charcoal is made from U.S. grown oak, pecan and cherry trees
  • Super easy to use - simply place in a glass carafe or pitcher of water - it will float at first, then sink as it absorbs water and displaces air
  • Add tap water and enjoy cleaner water now, the greenest alternative to plastic water filters
  • One bag lasts 1-2 months depending on water conditions. Boil it for 5-10 minutes and air-dry to reactivate and use it again. Should last 3-4 cycles.
  • 3-ounces will filter 1.5L – absorbs chemical and toxins while releasing calcium, magnesium and phosphates into your water. This charcoal is non-activated and contains no additional chemicals.

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