22 Uses for a Mr. Dirtfarmer trowel

Hey fellow dirt farmers, Summer 2017 is upon us and I've created a useful and funny list of things I've done with a Mr. Dirtfarmer trowel. If you use it for something interesting, leave a comment!

22 uses for a Mr. Dirtfarmer trowel

Dig small holes

Move soil


Mixing soil


Spread soil or sand


Chopping soil clumps

Smooth soil or sand

Cutting root balls

Mix compost

Open soil bags

Metal detection excavator


Move coals in camp fire

Flip hamburger (Italian model)

Mix and spread plaster

Patch concrete

Clean/scrape inside of trash can

Scrape dirt/mud dauber nest off fence

Practice sharpening a blade

Be like Uncle Nino - watch this movie!


How do you use it? 

“Get Back to the Dirt”

Mr. Dirtfarmer